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GLM in Recent Scholarship:  A Selection

The Global Language Monitor is used as a reference source for academic institutions the world over. Currently, there are +800 books, research journals, and academic papers that cite GLM’s analysis, numbers, and original research.

Here is a small selection.

GLM impacts the WorldExcerpt from:Understanding China, at the English Speaker’s Union.” Today, I have entitled my speech as Understanding China.  According to Global Language Monitor, an American research body following the global media reporting, on its list of the Top News Stories of the Decade, the rise of China came as the first, even well ahead of 9/11 and the war in Iraq.  But I think 2009 will probably be remembered in our history, as China’s transition into playing a major role in the world..Here in London, I could clearly sense China’s emergence onto the world stage.  During the G20 London Summit, the close cooperation between China, US, UK and other countries shows that China has come to the centre stage of addressing global issues…– Fu Ying, Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom at the English Speakers Union 12/10/09

Excerpt from:On Equal Terms: Redefining China’s Relationship with America and the West (Wiley)

“Hardly a day passes without a story about China in the pages of the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, or International Herald Tribune echoing statements made by Paul JJ Payack, president of the Global Language Monitor.  His publication boldly reported in 2009 that the rise of China was by far the most widely read story of the past decade — and that period included 9/11, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the global financial crisis.  ”The rise of China to new economic heights has changed — and continues to challenge– the current international order,”  Payack proclaimed.  It is with little surprise that its ongoing transformation has topped all news stories in a decade bespotted by war, economic catastrophe, and natural disasters.”– By Mingxun Zheng


Journal of SponsorshipIssue:  Volume 2, Number 2 / June, 2009, Catherine LadousseHow Lenovo deploys powerful creative sponsorship activation techniques for a global brand...........

 .Social Sciences Research NetworkParadowski, Michał B., A Complexity Science Perspective on Language Spread (June 15, 2010). Proceedings of ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Experimental Linguistics 2010, Athens, Greece, August 25-27, 2010… 

Analysis of Formation of ObamaSpeak and its Cultural Connotation

SU Yu (College of Foreign Studies,Nanjing Agricultural University,Nanjing 210095,China)Words and phrases,the most sensitive elements in language,are always influenced by the politics,the economy as well as the social culture.According to the Global Language Monitor,the latest word to enter the English language is ‘Obama’ in its many variations.Obama is used as a ‘root’ for an ever-expanding number of words.This article tries to analyze the formation of ObamaSpeak and its cultural connotation….

 ..........On Exploring Obamaspeak.The vocabulary of any language or even tens of thousands up to millions, but the number of word formation has a very limited way and the basic line of succession. With the development of society and the emerging new things, new words will appear endless. According to the Global Language Monitor, which published Obama vocabulary is rapidly entering the English language, this new word as an example to Obama overall interpretation derived, composite, and blending techniques such as word formation…Author: Dingli FuZhao ZhengguoDING Li-fuZHAO Government-ChinaAuthor: Dingli Fu, DING Li-fu (Huainan Normal University Foreign Language Department, Huainan, 232001)Zhaozheng Guo, ZHAO Zheng-guo (PLA Foreign Languages University English Department, Luoyang, 471003)Title: SHANGHAI JOURNAL OF TRANSLATORS,  Years, the volume (of): 2009 “” (1)..

Toward a global infrastructure for the sustainability of language resources GF Simons and S Bird,

SIL International and Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, Proceedings of the 22nd Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation.

Arabic script language identification using letter frequency neural networks: Ali Selamat, Choon-Ching Ng, International Journal of Web Information Systems, Volume 4, Issue 4, pp 484-500

Speaking genes or genes for speaking? Deciphering the genetics of speech and language, Elena L. Grigorenko, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Volume 50, Issue 1-2, Pages 116-125, Published Online: 5 Jan 2009

Boston College Third World Law Journal

A Domestic Right of Return? Race, Rights and Residency in New Orleans in the Aftermath of   Hurricane Katrina:  Boston College Third World Law Journal, Volume XXVII, Number 2...Body patterns in cephalopods “Polyphenism” as a way of information exchange: Pattern Recognition Letters, Volume 28, Issue 14


Language Variation and Change, M. Hundt, University of Heidelberg


Berkeley Business Law Journal

Shareholder Proposals: A Catalyst for Climate Change-Related Disclosure EN Rindfleisch,Journal


The History of English, C. Springs,


Word Indexing for Mobile Device Data Representations: Computer and Information Technology, 2007. CIT 2007


The Blame Frame: Justifying (Racial) Injustice in America: Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review

“Noi” e gli “Altri”: verso un futuro di integrazione e di convivenza: Societa Dante Alighieri

Race and Media Coverage of Hurricane Katrina: Analysis, Implications, and Future Research Questions:

Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy

Can God Intervene?: How Religion Explains Natural Disasters

As Seen on TV or Was that My Phone? New Media Literacy, CARMEN LUKE University of Queensland, Australia

Wardhaugh R., An Introduction to Sociolinguistics, fifth Edition Oxford Blackwell Publishers Ltd

Joao Paulo II: Um Atavista Midiation: Osvaldo Meira Triguerio

Communicating Gender Diversity: A Critical Approach by Victoria Pruin Defrancisco, Catherine Helen Palczewski,  Sage Publications