New York is Declared Top Global Fashion Capital of the Decade; Paris Takes the Crown for 2019.


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AUSTIN, Texas, February 4, 2020 ( - The Global Language Monitor, a United States-based Big-data research firm has announced the Top Global Fashion Capitals of the Decade (2010-2019) and of the Top Global Fashion of the Year 2019.   New York was named the Top Global Fashion Capitals of the Decade, while Paris takes the 2019 crown – its Third This Decade.  GLM has been ranking the Top Global Fashion Capitals since 2007.

Paris Takes the 2019 Crown - Its Third This Decade

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Global Language Monitor, the worldwide leader in the documentation, analysis, and tracking of trends in the English language worldwide, has announced the Top Global Fashion Capitals of the Decade (2010-2019) and of the Year 2019. New York was named the Top Global Fashion Capital of the Decade, while Paris Takes the 2019 Crown – its Third in the last 10 years. GLM has been ranking the Top Global Fashion Capitals since 2007.

It’s no surprise that New York and Paris have continued to vie for the top spot on the rankings. Paris won the Top Global Fashion Capital title for 2019, up from fourth place ranking in 2018. Over the decade, New York won big with an average rank of 1.6, finishing in first or second place every year since 2010 – earning it the number one spot for the decade. Paris finished second for the decade with an average rank of 2.4.  

New York Vs Paris Vie For the Top Global Fashion Capital Throughoutthe Decade

London took third place on the decade’s ranking with an average rank of 2.7, centering upon its spectacular two-year run from 2011 to 2012, coinciding with a highly-anticipated Olympics Game and the ever-stylish, Alexander McQueen-adorned Kate Middleton.

Global Language Monitor has been ranking the Top Fashion Capital since 2007

“Fashion is a driving force both economically and culturally and have an impact regionally, country-wide and even across the world,” said Paul JJ Payack, president and chief word analyst of the Global Language Monitor. “Structural change is here, as reflected in the rankings. The traditional fashion capitals are holding their own, but the emerging cities are appearing ever-more frequently throughout the rankings.”

These burgeoning fashion capitals include Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Madrid, and Berlin.

New York’s Mid-town Manhattan

The ever-increasing number of Red Carpet events is having a growing impact.  What was once reserved for the Oscars and Emmys, now include such worthy newcomers as the Met Gala and British Oscars down to ComicCon events and the Country Music Awards. Their impact is most readily seen in the rise of Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Also of note in 2019, Tel Aviv and Tehran earned inclusion on the rankings.  Tel Aviv came in at No.57 while Tehran took the 58th spot. Tel Aviv, promoted as the “non-stop city”, has a robust public fashion profile. Tehran, under the leadership of the Islamic state, has a hidden yet vibrant fashion scene. The long-awaited rise of Third World fashion centers has now arrived,  Perhaps the most dramatic example, including Lagos, which rose over three rankings from 60th to 41st.

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