Chiconomics, Michele Obama, Sheer, Metallics, and Gladiator

Top FashionSpeak of Fall 2009/10 Season

Chiconomics, Michele Obama, Sheer, Metallics, and Gladiator

Top FashionSpeak of Upcoming Fall/Winter 2009/10 Season


Austin, TX February 5, 2009 – Chiconomics, Michele Obama, Sheer, Metallics, and Gladiator were named the Top Fashion Buzzwords of the of Upcoming Fall/Winter 2009/10 Season by the Global Language Monitor (  New York Fashion Week begins February 12th.

The words were chosen from those gathered from the worldwide fashion media and nominated by key fashionistas. This exclusive ranking is based upon GLM’s Predictive Quantities Index, a proprietary algorithm that tracks words and phrases in print and electronic media, on the Internet and throughout the blogosphere. The words and phrases are tracked in relation to their frequency, contextual usage and appearance in global media outlets.

“The fashion world is affected by the global economic meltdown like everyone else this year and are reflected in this season’s buzzwords,” said Millie L. Payack, director and fashion correspondent of the Global Language Monitor.”  Another significant influence is that of Michele Obama as the first Lady of the United States, who already is subject of vast Internet and Blogosphere buzz.”

The Top Fashion Buzzwords with commentary, follow:

  1. Chiconomics – The drive to chicness remains strong though affected by economic crisis.
  2. Michele Obama – Michelle says ‘Yes, we can!’ to bringing back a sense of fashion to the White House; further popularizes the single-shoulder look.
  3. Sheer (not see-through, please!) – Though sheer is synonymous with see-through often to embarrassing results (See Renée Zellweger at the Golden Globes.)
  4. Metallics – Move over silver and gold this year it’s coppers and bronze as well as pewter tones.
  5. Gladiators – From chunky platforms to criss-crossed flats, one of the biggest shoe trends of the new century.
  6. Recessionista — Fashion designers, trend-setters and icons set out to weather the world economic crisis.
  7. Voluminous – As in volume-mungous.  Sometimes combined with the sheer look to dramatic results.
  8. Ferosh – A combination of ‘fierce’ and ‘ferociousness’ popularized by Project Runway’s Christian Siriano.
  9. Shoe Boot – Or booties, favored by fashion-forward A-listers.
  10. Lemongrass – The color of Ms. Obama’s Inauguration gown (designed by Isabel Toledo).
  11. Draping or Grecian or goddess – The Greco-Roman goddess look continues its 2500-year comeback.
  12. Eco-Fashion – Couture with carbon-offsetting properties; the Green movement has not invaded haute couture – yet.
  13. On Trend – The ’oh so trendy’ way to say trendy.
  14. Ethnicware – Also known as Multicutural.
  15. Fast Fashion – The successor to High Street; the ability to produce low-cost knock-offs, includes such retailers as H&M and Target.
  16. Fruit Salad (or Macedonian) – Mixed prints are big and bold.
  17. Tie-dyed Silk – Black silk is everywhere even in tie-dyed creations.
  18. Muffin Top fashion – No worries on the runway but a muffin top is seen  when the belly spills over the waistband in exposed ‘midriff’ fashion.
  19. Palettes – Including Mimosa (yellow) and Blue Iris (purple).
  20. Tribe – Fashion tribes are still en vogue whether hipsters or EMOs.

Each July, the Global Language Monitor ranks the Top Fashion Cities of the Year ranked by Internet presence in a global survey.    Topping the list for 2008 were New York, Rome, Paris, Milan, London, Los Angeles, Sydney, Las Vegas, Berlin and Tokyo.  Madrid (No. 15), Stockholm (No. 20), Cape Town (No. 23) and New Delhi (No. 24) broke into the Top 25.  Notble movement included Sydney moving up five spots to No.7 and Dubai jumping up twelve spots to No.12.

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