First Internet-based College and University Rankings


Colorado College Tops Williams in College Category;
Richmond, Middlebury & Wellesley follow

Harvard nips Columbia in University Category;
Michigan, Berkeley & Stanford Follow

Austin, Texas, USA.   September 19, 2008.   (Updated) In an exclusive TrendTopper Media BuzzTManalysis of the nation’s colleges and universities, the Global Language Monitor  ( has ranked the nation’s colleges and universities  according their appearance on the Internet, throughout the Blogosphere, as well in the global print and electronic media.  This analysis will be updated on a quarterly basis.

In the University category, Harvard nipped Columbia for top spot with Michigan, the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford following.  Rounding out the top ten were: the University of Chicago, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Yale, Princeton and Cornell.

Taken as a whole, the University of California system would have outdistanced Harvard for the Top Spot by a wide margin.

In the Liberal Arts College category, Colorado College upset Williams for the Top Spot, while Richmond, Middlebury and  Wellesley followed.  This is the first time, in any national ranking that a Liberal Arts College from the West ranked in the Top Spot. Rounding out the Top Ten were: Bucknell, Amherst, Oberlin, Vassar, and Pomona College.

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Rank Top Universities Rank Top Colleges
1 Harvard University 1 Colorado College
2 Columbia University 2 Williams College
3 University of Michigan, 3 University of Richmond
4 Univ. of California, Berkeley 4 Middlebury College
5 Stanford University 5 Wellesley College
6 University of Chicago 6 Bucknell University
7 University of Wisconsin 7 Amherst College
8 Yale University 8 Oberlin College
9 Princeton University 9 Vassar College
10 Cornell University 10 Pomona College
11 University of Pennsylvania 11 Hamilton College
12 Johns Hopkins University 12 Union College
13 Duke University 13 Swarthmore College
14 Boston College 14 Colgate University
15 New York University 15 Bard College
16 University of Washington 16 Carleton College
17 Georgia Tech 17 Bowdoin College
18 U. of California, Santa Barbara 18 Connecticut College
19 MIT 19 Colby College
20 University of Illinois 20 US Naval Academy
21 Boston University 21 Barnard College
22 University of Florida 22 US Military Academy
23 Northwestern University 23 Bates College
24 University of Virginia 24 Bryn Mawr College
25 University of Texas, Austin 25 Skidmore College
26 Univ. of Southern California 26 Gettysburg College
27 Georgetown University 27 Davidson College
28 Vanderbilt University 28 Mount Holyoke College
29 University of North Carolina 29 Furman University
30 Brown University 30 Lafayette College


There are only three types of intellectual property in the US, and one of them is the trademark (or brand) which are intended to represent all the perceived attributes of a service - and institutions of higher education are no different,” said Paul JJ Payack, President and Chief Word Analyst at GLM.  “Prospective students, alumni, employers, and the world at large believe that students who are graduated from such institutions will carry on the all the hallmarks of that particular school.  Our TrendTopper analysis is a way of seeing the schools through the eyes of the world at large.”

The schools were also ranked according to ‘media momentum’ defined as having the largest change in media citations over the last year.  The Universities that ranked highest in ‘media momentum’ were: Vanderbilt, Virginia, Emory, Rice, University of Texas, Austin, Washington University in St. Louis, Lehigh, and the Universities of California at Santa Barbara, Irvine, and Berkeley.  The Colleges that ranked highest in ‘media momentum’ were: Hamilton College, Pomona, Skidmore, Bard, Gettysburg, Sewanee (University of the South), Furman, Colby, Connecticut, and Colgate University.


Rank Universities — Momentum Rank Colleges — Momentum
1 Vanderbilt University 1 Hamilton College
2 University of Virginia 2 Pomona College
3 Emory University 3 Skidmore College
4 Rice University 4 Bard College
5 University of Texas, Austin 5 Gettysburg College
6 Washington University in St. Louis 6 Sewanee, U of the South
7 Lehigh University 7 Furman University
8 University of California, Santa Barbara 8 Colby College
9 University of California, Irvine 9 Connecticut College
10 University of California, Berkeley 10 Colgate University
11 University of Washington 11 Middlebury College
12 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 12 Claremont-McKenna
13 Boston University 13 Carleton College
14 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 14 Whitman College
15 California Institute of Technology 15 Trinity College
16 Johns Hopkins University 16 University of Richmond
17 Boston College 17 Colorado College
18 Brown University 18 Bates College
19 Villanova University 19 Wesleyan University
20 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 20 Harvey Mudd College


GLM used its proprietary Predictive Quantities Indicator (PQI) software for the TrendTopper Media Buzz Analysis. GLM used the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching’s classifications to distinguish between Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges. The schools were ranked according to their positions in early September, a mid-year snapshot, and used the last day of 2007 as the base.
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