In the News, Some Classics

GLM In the News: A Selection

The Global Language Monitor is used as a media source for the print and electronic media around the globe.

Hundreds of news articles around the world incorporate GLM research every yea.

You can find links to some of the classic examples below.

Nikki Tundel (MPR) on
Climate Change

Top Fashion Capitals

net on the Most Confusing Acronym (SOA)

NY Times’ Safire acknowledges existence of
HollyWords that GLM has been highlighting since 2004

Ben MacIntyre (London Times) on
sexiness of large vocabulary

GLM citation named as Landmark in its history

Hindustan Times: Arabs ahead of the English in cyberspace?

Der Spiegel: Chinglish Die Sache mit dem ding

Washington Post’s Millionth Word Contest Results

Other Language Stats: Number, Top Ten, On the Internet, by Country, etc.

People’s Daily (China): Many Chinglish into English

The Sunday Times (London): Chinglish - It’s a word in a million

Connecticut Post:Getting the word out - for the Millionth Time

Enumerating English: Geoffrey Nunberg (NPR/Fresh Air) Can’t Count Words; Who Cares!?

Global English by Neil Reynolds:
Spread the Word, English is Unstoppable

Independent News (London): Chinglish Phrases on the Rise

USAToday: Colbert’s ‘Truthiness’ Strikes a Chord

MSNBC: ‘Truthiness’ Among Top TV Buzzwords of the Year

HollyWORDS: Just Plain Bill banned in Hollywood Name Game

The New York Times: The Real Estate Bubble - The Power of Words
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