Number of Living Languages:  6,912

Number of Words in the English Language:  998,773

Number of words in various langauges

Chinese (various dialects): 500,000 +

French: 100,000

German: 185,000

Russian: 195,000

Spanish: 225,000 +

Japanese: 232,000

Hindi: 120,000

Arabic: 45,000 (though used in many more variations)

Toki Pona:  197

Top Languages on the Internet

1 to 10 in 1,000 Languages

Number of Living Languages by Country

Top Spoken Languages in the World

Average American Vocabulary:  14,000 words
(Consensus Estimate.)

Shakespeare’s Vocabulary:  24,000 words+
(Various concordances.)

Number of Words Invented by Shakespeare:  1,700+
(Various concordances.)

Words in the King James Bible:

  • 12,143 individual words in the English,
  • 783,137 total words,
  • 8,674 individual words in the Hebrew Old Testament
  • 5,624 individual words in the Greek New Testament

Number of words (neologisms) invented by Shakespeare: 1,700+

Number of words invented by Thomas Jefferson: 150

Number of words invented by President Bush: 25+

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