More GLM in the News …





Der Spiegel

Chinglish Die Sache mit dem Ding


Globe and Mail (Canada)

Spread the Word, English is Unstoppable



Hooray! ‘SOA’ voted most ‘confusing acronym of the year’


Chinese Lecture Series

A General Survey of Translation


The Sunday Times (UK)

Tweet, blog, text: the words that define the Noughties



More than a Dozen GLM Articles, Just Press [Enter] Once the Page Resolves


Are ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ interchangeable?


‘Truthiness’ among top TV buzzwords of year



Stride and Saunter

A Linguistic Examination of Emoji


The Most Used ‘Word’ Of 2014 Isn’t Even A Word! Find Out The Surprising Symbol HERE!





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