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Red Bull Top Ambusher at Vancouver;  P&G No. 1 Sponsor of any Kind

Most Confusing High Tech Buzzwords of the Decade 2000-2009

Pandora from Avatar Wins Top HollyWord of 2009

Winter Olympics Ambush Marketers Tracked by TrendTopper

Lady GaGa Top Fashion Buzzword of Upcoming Season

Trend: Disillusionment, Anger and Outrage on the since Obama Inauguration

Top News Stories of the Decade

First Internet-based College Guide Available

Top Word of 2009:  Twitter

Top Words of the Decade (2000-2009)

History of the Top Words from 2009 - 2000

Top 125 US Universities Fall 2009

Top 100 US Colleges Fall 2009

Top US Specialty Schools Fall 2009

Top 225 Colleges Ranked by Media Buzz

Top Politically (in)Correct Words of 2009

ObamaVision Tops Financial Meltdown as Top Television Word of 2009 season

Top political buzzwords track trajectory of Obama Presidency

Milan Upends New York as Top Fashion Capital

Is Websters Its Own Worst Frenemy?

Michael Jackson Funeral Tops that of Pope John Paul as Media Event

Death of Michael Jackson

1,000,000th English Word Announced

Millionth Word Finalists Announced

Words of the Pandemic That You Need to Know

TrendTopper Enhances College Reputation

Outrage in Global Media

Top HollyWords of 2008

‘Despair’ & ‘fear’ drowning out ‘Hope’ in Global Media

Top FashionSpeak of 2009/10 Season

Misunderestimate Tops List of All-times Bushisms

Obama election as top story since year 2000

The word Christmas stronger than ever in global media

Obama as a Top Word of 2008

Top Words of 2008:  Change beats Bailout and ObamaMania

Top 10 Most Confusing High Tech Buzzwords (2008)

Obama “Yes, We Can” Victory Speech Ranked

Top Concerns of the American Electorate

Top Things Political Buzzwords Tell Us About the Vote

Top Buzzwords of Presidential Campaign Two Weeks Out

The Financial Tsunami:  An Historical Inflection Point

Top Political Buzzwords of Presidential Campaign with 3 Weeks Out

Final Debate Analysis:  Sharp Contrast to Earlier Debates Analysis

Vice Presidential Debate Grade Ranking

First Debate a ’Linguistic Dead Heat’

Top Television Buzzwords of ‘08

First-ever College And University Rankings by Internet

How 9/11 Changed the Way Americans Speak

McCain’s Speech at 3rd Grade Level

Obama’s Acceptance Speech at 9th Grade Level

Olympic Sponsors Medal Round

Seemingly Chaotic Events Reflect New Reality

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