The GLM Institute Introduction

The Global Language Monitor, the leading Global English portal, has launched, the GLM Institute. The GLM Institute provides a ready means for professionals worldwide to master the essentials of Global English, and to have their efforts certified. And no knowledge of English is more important that the ability to communicate through the written word. This is formally known as ‘expository writing’ or more simply, ’exposition’

New English Words Since A.D. 451

The First Anglo-Saxon word recorded in Runes is the word for ‘bread’.  It can, therefore, be considered the first Old English word in A.D. 451.

Many global professionals have picked up a basic knowledge of English through the Internet, Hollywood movies and music. However, it is a wholly differing skill to communicate complex thoughts and ideas through the written word. Lacking this essential skill can prove to be a subtle yet very real barrier to advancement in their education and/or careers.
According to Harvard Business School, those ‘… skilled in management, leadership, & analytical reasoning are in high demand by companies across industries’ and will remain so for the remainder of the decade, and beyond. And no skill is more strategic to enhancing career prospects than the ability to communicate strategic thinking skills through the adept use of Global English, or even gaining a working knowledge of the world’s first truly global language. This is the skillset that the Global Language Monitor Institute will provide you in the Essentials of Global English Certificate program.

Developed over forty years, variations of this program have been taught at Fortune 500 companies. colleges and universities, and financial institutions, among others. Portions of this program were developed at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, just outside of Boston.
Students can immediately register for the individual courses and will receive a 20% discount for any and all certificates they purchase with their original registration.
The Essentials of Global English program consists of a dozen of individual certificates and a final Capstone indicating mastery of the subject.

Initial course offerings from the Global Language Monitor Institute follow — individually, with significant discounts applied to ‘bundles’ of two or more offerings. (Bundles must be paid for at initial registration.)

Students receive a Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Achievement along with a badge that can be readily added to one’s resumé or CV. Additionally. they can receive the Honor’s marks or ‘With Distinction or ‘With Highest Distinction’ for maintaining appropriate Honors-level grades.\


The Global Language Monitor was founded in Silicon Valley in 2003 by Paul JJ Payack on the premise that new technologies were needed to understand the world of Big Data and “…to examine the totality of Global English with the tools now available to better understand the underlying trends that shape our words and, hence, our world. Our goal remains to detect the small changes in the language that often presage titanic shifts in the way humans communicate”.

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