Pyeongchang Olympics 2018 (Ambush Marketing) Brand Scorecard Now Available  


The Pyeongchang Olympics 2018 Brand Scorecard is the ultimate guide to the most bitter of all battles being fought on the slopes of Pyeongchang — the billion-dollar battle between and among the various levels of IOC Sponsorship, and the mega battles being fought with the Non-affiliated Marketers (NAMs) and the sponsors themselves.

In these pages, you will read about and better understand the fierce behind-the-scenes warfare that the Global Language Monitor has been tracking for six Olympiads now.  And don’t for a minute think that these battles are being waged in any way but the most sophisticated strategies, tactics, and algorithms.  GLM has been tracking Pyeongchang for three years now, and are already deep into our analysis of the Tokyo and even the Beijing Games.  Paris isn’t far behind.

You can read the document in a ‘You Are There’ manner since we present each of the Games in the way they actually unfolded.  We hope this all will help you have an even more enjoyable experience since you are now entering the stealth world of Olympic Ambush Marketing.



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