Top Global Fashion Capitals Leaders in Sustainability

The Global Language Monitor has been at the forefront of the Sustainability movement since we named Sustainable as one of our Top Words of the Year some fourteen years ago in 2006.

When GLM named the Top Words of the 21st Century, ‘Truth’ was no. 1, followed closely ‘Progress’ at No. 2. Then came ‘Sustainability’ at No. 3. Sustainability has come a long way in the last decade-and-a-half, now besting even ‘Internet’, ‘Climate Change,’ and ‘Global Warming’.

We have also been ranking the ‘Top Global Fashion Capitals’ since 2007, and have been quoted widely on sustainable, ethical, and green fashion. Our Fashion Director penned a section in Red Carpet Green Dress’ Fashion Designer’s Resource Book

Therefore in 2020, we introduced the Sustainability Rankings as part of our annual Top Global Fashion Capital rankings. The first Sustainability Rankings appear below.

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